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SB Nation FanPulse: Whoa boy, everybody calm down

That seven-game losing streak had a real emotional toll.

St. Louis Cardinals v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Math: it sucks. But sadly, so did the Phillies for a minute there. Let’s take a look at the numbers provided by SB Nation’s FanPulse surveys.

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  • Gabe Kapler, who has enjoyed three non-consecutive weeks fo 100% approval, has somehow hit a season low among participating fans with a manager approval rating of 36%. Kapler’s spent most of the season with at least 80% approval from you people (or, more accurately, you participating people), and with the team on the verge of a full-on turnaround, I’d expect to see better numbers next week. For now, though, seven straight losses and some chin-scratching about his in-game decisions (among other problems plaguing this team) probably led to a dip in the numbers.
  • General team confidence is also at a season low, thanks to all those losses. This number has also spent a lot of time at 100%, which, when this team has looked good, is appropriate. But boy, it feels like we were all waiting for the other foot to drop, and in mid-June, ho boy, did it drop. That leaves us with a team confidence rating of 9%. That’s, ah, real bad.