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2019 MLB Draft day 2

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at San Diego Padres
Not likely to get drafted today
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies first pick today is #91 in the Third Round. There’s a lot of talent still on the board and I’ll pop an asterisk next to those I think have fallen due to signability issues. If I did a preview on them, I’ll link it.

Jack Leiter, RHP*
Matthew Allan, RHP*
Maurice Hampton, OF
Tyler Callihan, 3B
Brooks Lee, SS
Bryce Osmond, RHP
Ryan Zeferjahn, RHP
Jerrion Ealy, OF*
Drew Mendoza, 3B
Spencer Jones, LHP*
Graeme Stinson, LHP
Ben Brecht, LHP
Zach Watson, OF
Carter Bins, C

I could have probably put an asterisk by just about everyone from Leiter through Ealy, but I only put it by the obvious ones who have stated they won’t sign (Leiter), those injured (Jones) and ones with rumors of signability issues (also, Zeferjahn is probably the best College arm on the board at this point)