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Phillies 2019 draft rounds 7-10

Arizona Diamondbacks v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Round 7
Brett Schulze, RHP
University of Minnesota

Schulze is a 6’2” 180 lbs Righty from Minnesota. Probably another reliever, as the delivery is a bit unusual with arm braking and unreliable control. He’s a bit of a max effort pitcher with a big fastball and spotty command. He also has an average Slider and cutter available. He could be a quick mover, but the ceiling is sub-closer level and more middle reliever type. Still, it’s good to have options. Video from 2080 baseball.

Round 8
Nate Fassnacht, SS
George Washington University

There are some level of competition concerns, and a bad sophomore season, but this year he has walked more than he struck out and saw an enormous spike in power numbers. The glove seems pretty good in regards to very few errors, but I don’t see many scouting reports mentioning the glove. Most mentions were of the bat. This is a higher ceiling than your typical college senior signee to save slot. I assume the team has decided that they’ll just save a bit here and there for overslots later, since their bonus pool is so small it would be hard to save more than a couple hundred grand even with 3-4 senior signs and at that point you might be punting on more talent than by just going for it in these rounds anyway. Not much video to choose from that I can find.

Round 9
Rudy Rott, 1B
Ohio University

He’s a senior sign, but holy $%^& what a name. 80 grade name. He’s a right handed first baseman who hits from the port side. He’s got some power and some pitch recognition, but he’s mostly this draft’s Willie Carmona or Quincy Nieporte, a somewhat limited athlete who can play in Williamsport or GCL for a year or two to fill a position. Once in a blue moon, those guys stick around make it all the way up to Triple-A, but I expect this is an Org guy.

Round 10
McCarthy Tatum, 3B
Fresno State University

No, I did not mix up the first and last names. His parents were clearly dedicated to a lifetime goal of confusing HR departments. He’s a 5th year senior and also likely an Org guy. The advantage to these picks is that they’ll likely sign for ~$10k, giving the team about $250k to use for overslot picks from the 11th round on. That sounds good, but you can blow $250k on a single pick. As a player he’s 6’6” 210 lbs and probably a little more ceiling than typical. He was a 20th round overslot pick of the Twins in 2014 who decided to go to College. The problem is he missed time his freshman and sophomore years to injury and ineffectiveness, then missed all of 2017 with an injury and missed half of 2018 with injury. This was his only healthy college season and he hit .353/.397/.601 with 12 home runs, a 12.45 K rate and 5.81 BB rate. He’s probably still Org fodder, but there’s some unusual ceiling here for a guy signed for ~$10k. This is a good video on him, not just swings, but an actual profile from his local TV station.