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2019 MLB draft day 3

Philadelphia Phillies v Milwaukee Brewers
About the best outcome you realistically hope for on day 3
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

If you’re here you basically have the same problem I do. Welcome to draftaholics (kind of) anonymous. Day 3 is when 5 types of players get drafted: First overslot High Schoolers. These can be kids with projectability left who need to be bought out of college commitments. Second, High Schoolers who perhaps played 2 sports or struggled, but have big tools. Third, org fillers. These are college juniors and seniors who are never expected to make the majors. Now sometimes those guys turn into a Darin Ruf or better. The fourth type is the unicorn. Sometimes the unicorn is also one of the second or third profiles above. This can be a high schooler like Kyle Young whose calling card was being a 6’10” LHP with control but not plus stuff. The fifth type is the player with a very familiar name like Musser or Amaro or Morandini who gets taken in the last few rounds. Say what you will but Hall of Famer Mike Piazza got to the Majors via this route.

Any player drafted on day 3 is limited to a $100,000 signing bonus or less. However you can use any money from you bonus pool for the top 10 rounds to go over for a player, so if you expect to sign your 9th and 10th round picks for ~$10k total, that might leave you $250k to use to go overslot for players in rounds 11 on. You usually get some overslot guys in rounds 11-15, then in rounds 30-40 you might draft the really hard to sign overslot players.