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SB Nation Fan Pulse Poll: Phillies fan confidence not great at the moment, again

It’s time to check the pulse of Phillies fandom once more.

MLB: Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps it was the idea that baseball would actually start to be played again, perhaps it was the ominous quiet left behind by baseball’s absence over the all-star break, but Phillies fans’ confidence level in their team somehow took a hit during a week when they did not play, going from 65% to 38% of our poll partakers feeling confident.

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In a similar but not quite as dramatic vein, 69% of those polled have confidence in Gabe Kapler as a manager, dropping from 76% before the break. Something about not being on the field really made people think this team can’t get it done.

Part of that is starting pitching problems, which the Phillies aren’t likely to address this season at the deadline. Some teams will be making use of the paltry market, and fans of those teams seem to favor, uh. A guy.