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Game Thread 7/2: Phillies at Braves

Why does it feel like we haven’t watched this team in a week?

Philadelphia Phillies v Miami Marlins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Hey—this is the team that beat the Mets four times, and successfully beat the Marlins once in six tries. Why are we so worried about them playing the Braves, a team that was going nuclear until the Mets handed them a humiliating loss on Sunday Night Baseball?

Well, probably because of all the very realistic issues that exist. But it’s a new series, and everyone knows that in baseball, anything can happen. For instance, did you hear about that Braves loss on Sunday Night Baseball? Exactly. So forget those Phillies who dropped a series to Miami—they’re dead. They don’t exist. All we have are the Phillies who are about to play the Braves, and folks, [soaking rag in nail polish remover] I couldn’t be more excited.