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SB Nation FanPulse Poll: Phillies fans feeling better heading into weekend

It’s a big series with the Braves, and we are... riding high?!?

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Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

We’re back, baby. All it took was winning a couple of games and not losing a few more games, as well as the Braves hitting a rough patch and getting swept by the Royals on the cusp of a big weekend Phillies-Braves series to determine if the NL East is going to get anymore interesting.

But here we are, with Phillies fan confidence from out SB Nation FanPulse back on the upswing, going from 25% to 42% of our surveyed voters saying they believe in where this team is headed. Call it the Drew Smyly Effect, if you will.

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Confidence in Gabe Kapler has been hovering around the same area as well, after that cratering to 36% vote of confidence from Week 14. Now, a month later, he’s back at 74%, with most people unable to recall just what the heck problem they had with him in the first place!

Oh right. The obvious ones.

How is everybody doing as the trade deadline nears? The Phillies don’t seem to think they’ll make any big moves, but that hasn’t stopped interest and trade talks from circulating, as well as scouts from certain teams being spotted at Phillies minor league affiliates’ games. It’s a stressful time of year, both with this team on the cusp of making a run for it and potentially making a series of small, but impactful moves.

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