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Alex Wood should be the Phillies’ top deadline target right now

The newly reinstated lefty should be atop Philadelphia’s shopping list...

Photo via Rob Tringali / Getty Images

It was announced early on Sunday that the Reds have activated LHP Alex Wood after a long stint on the Injured List.

At 28 years-old, Wood is an exceptional pitcher who is due to hit Free Agency in the 2020 offseason, much like his teammate, Tanner Roark.

Alex Wood boasts an impressive 3.29 career ERA, and excels at not letting up home runs (0.8 HR/9 career,) something the Phillies have particularly struggled with over the course of the 2019 season.

His peripherals look exceptional, and, through 4 rehab starts in Double and Triple-A, Wood pitched 11.1 innings to the tune of a 3.18 ERA — hopefully proving that he’s not been stifled by his history of injury.

Trading for Wood would not only aid the Phillies in 2019 — it would also allow the team to also have the first crack at extending him prior to the offseason.

The Phillies are in need of a non-Smyly left hander in the rotation, as well as rotation help in general. Wood is one of, if not the best lefty available in the coming signing period.

Wood would be particularly susceptible to an extension given the fact that he’s had absolutely zero opportunity to pitch outside of the Minor Leagues in 2019, and will only be able to make one start, being today, prior to the trade deadline. The Reds look to be sellers, and likely won’t retain Wood after this year — they’ll surely attempt to deal him in the next three days.

If the Phillies were feeling eager, they could even repeat this process with Wood’s rotation-mate, Tanner Roark — a substantial inning-eating veteran.

This has the Phillies written all over it. It helps them now, it helps them later, and it shouldn’t cost them an arm, or a leg for that matter.

Alex Wood would be more than a worthwhile investment.