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SB Nation FanPulse Poll: A lot of fans don’t think the Phillies are a playoff team

Pick-ups of Drew Smyly and Jason Vargas have done little to change the mood.

Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Phillies fans who participate in SB Nation’s weekly FanPulse polling (which you can take part in here) were asked a special little trade deadline question this week: Are the Phillies a playoff team right now? Granted, we’ve got a couple more hours of trade deadline business to settle—and yeah, the Phillies could make another classic trade involving a mediocre starter, low-level prospects, and cash considerations, but for now, nobody’s feeling great about their chances.

Take a look for yourself.

Whoa now, we’re really keeping the faith around here.

As usual, we also got temperature reads on Phillies fans’ confidence levels in the team and the manager, as well. The trade deadline hasn’t done wonders for those numbers, either, as confidence in Gabe Kapler has dropped from 74% to 50% over the course of the week—though that half the fans polled are still believing in the direction of the manager while 91% don’t believe they’re going to the postseason is a little head-scratching.

Nevertheless, that just leaves our faith in the team as a whole, which also plummeted significantly after a sharp rise last week—going from 25% to 42% back to 27%. Week to week, this is a real rollercoaster ride, likely depending on what the product on the field has accomplished, which always manages to feel like nothing, even though they are several games over .500 and firmly in the wild card mix at the moment.

Numbers! Statistics! They always calm everyone down. Just a few more hours and this pesky trade deadline stuff will be behind us and we’ll all feel a lot better about everything. lol