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The Dirty Inning: Singles AF

On June 9, 1967, the Phillies fell victim to baseball’s quietest menace: an onslaught of one-baggers. 

Pittsburgh Pirtates v Philadelphia Phillies

It was June 1967. The city of Philadelphia was a city of the future, today. Bustling industry! Responsive emergency services! And the next generation of scholars, waiting to take us to the stars!

But across the state in Pittsburgh, the Phillies would hand the ball to John Boozer, a man from a small town who ate grasshoppers and moths, to eat the last few innings of a 16-1 rout in which the Pirates would club 19 singles. Join Justin and Trev for their latest journey back in time, to an era when the river water was cleaner (they said) and Gene Mauch was in the dugout, just waiting for a reason to explode.