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You don’t really care about this game: Nationals 6, Phillies 3

One might say, you could have taken a Knapp

Philadelphia Phillies v Washington Nationals Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

In what’s looking like a common refrain, the Phillies lost again, this time 6-3. Jason Vargas ended his season on a sour note, putting what could have been an automatic triggering of his option into some doubt. The offense was pretty ineffective, save a couple of bombs from Cesar Hernandez and Andrew Knapp. The bullpen was bad. Again. This time, the meltdown was courtesy of Edgar Garcia. It’s just another wash, rinse, repeat of a game from the 2019 Philadelphia Phillies.

So, instead, it’s stare in awe of some facts about both this series and this September set of games.

First, seems like the Phillies played the Nationals a lot this week. It’s because they did! Five times in fact. How’d it go?

It also feels like the Phillies just couldn’t win against the Nationals this year. Well, that’s because they couldn’t!

Are these Septembers the last few seasons all starting to blur into one big losing streak? Have I got news for you!

It’s just not been good. Especially with the other team in Philadelphia playing tonight, many people simply didn’t care about this game. It’s another in what’s becoming a frustrating pattern of uninspired baseball. When they’ve got nothing to play for and the end of a trying season is within sight, it’s a little understandable, the seeming disinterested play. However, that falls on the manager. He needs to do everything he can to get this team ready to play and win every day. Do you see evidence of that?