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Hey! We’re still here too!: Phillies 10, Mets 7

You may not have noticed today, but the Phillies managed to win a game today!

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets

Listen, we all know that most of your attention today was on the game happening at Lincoln Financial Field. It’s the first game of the Eagles season, everyone is excited, people are bringing their dead grandparents to witness the event, it’s a time for all. But did you know: the Phillies are still technically, officially still alive in the wild card race? That’s right, you heard it hear first, the team still has a fighting chance at playing meaningful baseball in October. They just need to put together some wins, take a few series and then we’re talking.

Starting with today.

Well, it didn’t start well. The Mets opened the game by scoring three runs in the first off of Vince Velasquez, who threw about 300 pitches that first inning, but still, it could have been worse. At least they weren’t facing Noah Syndergaard. Oh wait.

So, the team would have to chip away at the lead since we all know that home runs, especially those three run variety, are the biggest rally killers known to the game. So, chip away they did.

A sacrifice fly by Jean Segura, scoring Andrew Knapp, in the third.

A home run by 2020 centerfielder Adam Haseley in the fourth.

A two run single by Corey Dickerson in the fifth and suddenly boom - the Phillies were on top. Luckily, Velasquez had settled down and wouldn’t allow the Mets to tie in the bott—nevermind.

Those plucky Phils though, they just kept chip, chip, chipping away, led by famous Philadelphia area native Phil Gosselin, who singled home Rhys Hoskins and let the team reclaim the lead. Then came the big blow.

That home run by Franco left the lead up the trust Phillies bullpen, who didn’t disappoint, immediately letting in two runs and giving the Mets hope. Then who came up but Scott Kingery, who crushed a laser beam into the stands and gave the team back a three run lead.

Then came a weird sequence of events that led to a bases loaded walk to Bryce Harper, which extended the lead to four which, well, let’s let Mickey Callaway tell you what happened.


The Mets would get one back, but the Phillies closed the door in the ninth, winning the longest nine inning game known to man in Mets history.

Yessir, the Phillies are still there. A big four game set looms with the Braves, one that they have to at least split to remain close to the wild card. At least Atlanta isn’t winning every single game they play or anything.