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Phightin’ Words: 1/1/20

Welcome to the new daily links!

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Ohio State v Kentucky Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

You asked for them, so here we go. Back to the daily links. We’ll give you some of the things that are happening around the league, as well as focusing on the Phillies in particular. We’ll round up the major news and rumors, noting when something is free and when something is a subscription-based article.

To the notes!

Phillies news

MLB news

Rumor roundup

  • It also looks like the Twins aren’t done adding. The latest rumor is that they have made of offer to free agent Josh Donaldson and it contains his desired fourth year ($).
  • You know what’s always smart? Shopping your former MVP and all around best player simply to save money. After a few weeks of speculations, it looks like the Red Sox have decided against this course, as they aren’t “actively shopping” Mookie Betts. Now, that doesn’t mean they won’t listen, but they aren’t making the foolish decision to try and offload him.