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Phightin’ Words: 1/10/20

The weekend is here. Everybody, according to sources, is working for it.

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NCAA Football: Army at Navy Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Remember those days when you were small, when during Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate, there was that one present that was really big and looked awesome, but when you opened it was just socks? Yeah, yesterday felt like that.

Phillies news

MLB news

  • Yesterday, we heard rumors of a major trade between the Cardinals and Rays that got baseball all excited because of one of the names that got leaked out. Turns out - it’s not all that interesting.
  • It’s salary arbitration avoidance season too! Several players have avoided the arduous process by agreeing to a deal for the 2020. You can find them all here, but by name:
    Chaz Roe
    Michael A. Taylor
    Cam Bedrosian
  • Statcast has a new toy for us to play around with. Welcome to the age of Outs Above Average!
  • The Astros also made a trade, but again - kind of an “eh” trade. Of course that guy will probably get Cy Young votes this year....
  • If you didn’t see this, watch this video. It’s insane.
  • An interesting look at scouts during this time of talking about minor league contraction.

Rumor roundup

Have a great weekend!