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Phightin’ Words: 1/22/20

Another Hall of Fame season gone by, and not a moment too soon

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Red Sox starter Curt Schilling got his 3,000 strikeout, but was pulled from the game in the 6th inning as the Athletics swept the Boston Red Sox, Wednesday at the Oakland Coliseum. Nick Lammers/The Oakland Tribune 8/30/06 Photo by MediaNews Group/Oakland Tribune via Getty Images

Thankfully, with yesterday’s Hall of Fame voting results, we can now put the season behind us. It’s always a season full of nonsense, grandstanding and pompous personalities telling us why we should think like them. I will never begrudge someone their belief into why someone should or should not be recognized among the game’s greatest players, but to constantly be beaten over the head with it for weeks at a time it just too much. Congratulations to Larry Walker and that other guy from the Bronx.

Phillies news

MLB news

  • Obviously the biggest news of the day is Larry Walker finally being recognized as one of the best hitters of his generation by receiving 76% of the vote and being voted into Cooperstown. Oh yeah....that Jeter guy too.
  • Seriously, whenever we find out who didn’t vote Jeter in, not making him unanimous - buy that guy/gal a drink.
  • In non-HOF news that actually directly affects the Phillies, the Braves signed Marcell Ozuna to a one year, $18 million contract. I’m not sure how much better this makes the team. He doesn’t play third base, their biggest weakness, and his money more than likely take them out of the running for Nolan Arenado or Kris Bryant.
  • The Los Angeles City Council has weighed in on the sign stealing scnadal, passing a resolution that asks MLB to award World Series titles to the team for 2017 and 2018. Ok....

Rumor roundup

Is it spring yet?