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Phightin’ Words: 1/7/20


Art Fletcher Of The Phillies Photo by Chicago Sun-Times/Chicago Daily News collection/Chicago History Museum/Getty Images

It’s getting difficult as this offseason trudges on. We’re definitely in the doldrums of the winter, where not much is happening since most of the big free agents have already signed, there being only one remaining. He’ll probably sign soon, but who knows anymore. Sure, we’re seeing some little signings here and there, but we need something earth-shaking. Do it, Klentak.

Phillies news

MLB news

  • The Reds have made their signing of Shogo Akiyama official, inking the Japanese outfielder to a 3 year/$21 million contract.
  • The Nationals continue to bolster their bench and bullpen, signing Daniel Hudson (2/$11M) and Eric Thames (1/$4M) in the same day. Color me unimpressed.
  • The Orioles signed Jose Iglesias to shore up their middle infield defense, which should help them be less of an embarrassment to the game this coming season.

Rumor roundup

  • You think all these moves by the Nationals have closed the doors to Josh Donaldson? I say “nay!” and so does the team.