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The Offseason: 10/13/2020

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Where we lost a good one

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Philadelphia Phillies v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Man, 2020 just will not stop will it?

Yesterday, the baseball world lost a good one in Joe Morgan. Let’s put aside what you thought of him as an announcer and focus on him as a baseball player. For me, he’s the greatest second baseman ever. Yes, yes, there are those pesky number that would place Rogers Hornsby above him, Eddie Collins as well. Factoring in all of the other things that are outside of the realm of statistics (pitcher quality, African American inclusion, quality of stuff, etc.) and anecdotally for me at least, it brings the two much closer together. It’s not an argument I’m going to get in, but there is no doubt the league lost one of its greats in Morgan.

His one season in Philadelphia wasn’t much to look at according to the triple slash line (.230/.370/.403), but that 3.5 fWAR number is something to behold for a 39 year old second baseman in the twilight of his career. As primarily the third hitter in that lineup, he did his job getting on base for Mike Schmidt behind him, helping Schmidt drive in 109 runs and finish 3rd in MVP voting that year. He wasn’t the sole reason for Schmidt’s success, but he was definitely a factor. Baseball will miss Morgan greatly. Rest in peace, sir.

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