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The Offseason: 10/19/2020

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Where the Phillies need to fill yet another coaching position

Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Two Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The Phillies got some unexpected news yesterday when pitching coach Bryan Price announced his retirement from coaching. It’s not something that the team planned for and now they are going to have to scramble to fill the job. They, of course, still have plenty of time, but with other more pressing positions to fill, this one probably caught them a little off guard.

Price did see some improvement in his charges in 2020, notably seeing Zack Wheeler and Zach Eflin getting better as the season progressed. The bullpen, as we know, didn’t get better at all and Price does bear some of the responsibility for that, but he also didn’t have much talent to work with in that department. Even the midseason acquisitions weren’t exactly stellar when they arrived and saw a pretty steep decline, something we all know well.

Still, Price was pretty highly regarded and it would have been nice to see him get to work with the staff over the course of a full season. Now, though, the team will have to find someone else who may want to incorporate a whole new set of philosophies.

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