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The Offseason: 10/6/2020

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Where people are starting to get hurt

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Philadelphia Phillies v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

The next round of the playoffs opened yesterday with the American League kicking off proceedings. Let’s cut to the chase: the neutral stadium thing might work for this year, with all of the travel restrictions and such causing teams to have to bubble themselves up, but this better not be the norm moving forward. Forget not having fans in the stands; there are several series here where the team straight do not like each other. It’s led to some hostility, especially among the team in the AL. Take that hostility and mix it with fans and there was some potential for fireworks. There still is, of course, but taking the home fans out of the emotion of the game at any point in the future would be disastrous. Rob Manfred is already kicking around the idea of leaving the runner on second to begin extra innings. Let’s not let him think that this playoff idea should continue to be used in the future.

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