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The Offseason: 11/19/2020

Where signing J.T. Realmuto just got harder

New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Well that one shouldn’t have been unexpected.

Robinson Cano was suspended for the 2021 season yesterday when he was found to have tested positive for PEDs for a second time. While many will focus on the implications for this coming offseason, one of the bigger stories will be how it affects Chase Utley and his chase for Hall of Fame immortality. This test and suspension will remove Cano from ever reaching the Hall since his own stupidity at using the enhancers will never allow his entry with the strain of writers that are now voting and those that are still to come. So, when it comes to the best second baseman of his generation, Utley should immediately take the mantle since all of Cano’s career will now be under scrutiny.

It’s great for those in Philadelphia who were already thinking about Utley’s date with immortality. Now, it should be sealed. It probably won’t be, but it should be.

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