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The Offseason: 12/15/2020

That sound you hear is the sound of a cash register in Rob Manfred’s office

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American League Wild Card Game 3: Chicago White Sox v. Oakland Athletics Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The news that dominated the MLB wire yesterday was that of the Cleveland baseball team abandoning the nickname it had used for over 100 years. The diehard fans of the team will obviously gripe online and in person about the change, and it will take people time to NOT call them the name (I know I’m still not able to call them the Washington Football Team sometimes), but in the end, it was a change bound to happen.

There was also some other news yesterday, one in which Rob Manfred and company stand to make even more money on game that don’t technically exist yet. While we could argue that Manfred is bad at his job, his actual job is to make the owners happy. Nothing makes owners happier than getting more money and Manfred has been incredibly good at that.

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