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2020 player reviews: Rhys Hoskins

In between the slow start and the injury, there were signs of life

Philadelphia Phillies v Miami Marlins - Game Two
It took some time, but Rhys Hoskins eventually found his power stroke
Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The numbers

.245/.384/.503, 10 HR, 26 RBI

The background

In his first three seasons, Hoskins was one of the most inconsistent hitters in baseball. When he was locked in, he was a threat to homer every night. But when he wasn’t, it felt like all he could do was either walk, strikeout, or pop the ball up. Considering he ended the 2019 mired in one of those “wasn’t” stretches, he was considered a major question mark entering the season.

The bad

The season started off with one of those bad stretches. It might have actually been the worst bad stretch of his career.

On August 8th, he was batting .111 with zero home runs, and it looked like the good Hoskins might be gone forever.

The good

The good Hoskins did return. He started accumulating base hits at an acceptable level, and while he didn’t hit his first home run until August 18th, he hit ten of them in the next 25 games after that. He also destroyed left handed pitching, with a 1.241 OPS against southpaws for the season.

And then some more bad

When making a play at first base on September 12, Hoskins collided with a baserunner, tearing the UCL on his non-throwing arm. He missed the remainder of the season, and losing his bat from the middle of the lineup did not help the Phillies’ playoff push.

The future

Fortunately, the injury was to Hoskins’ non-throwing arm which should allow him to return to action sooner rather than later. Given the possible delayed start to the season, he might not miss much time at all. The bigger worry is that trying to rehab the injury might send Hoskins back into one of his bad spells.

With at least one major 2020 lineup contributor expected to be gone in 2021, the Phillies really need Hoskins to provide power from the right side. If he can come back near the level where he left off, the Phillies should have an imposing middle of the lineup. If he can’t, then the Phillies may have trouble scoring runs on a consistent basis.