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The Offseason: 12/23/2020

The Phillies did a thing!

2018 Little League World Series


Yesterday, if you recall, I implored the team to do something of consequence and they went and hired a general manager. You’re welcome.

It’s fair to wonder what exactly Fuld will be handling as the general manager. Obviously, all baseball decisions will stop at Dave Dombrowski; they didn’t pay him $5 million to pass the buck. Who is he, Andy MacPhail? It’s likely that Fuld will do a lot of the legwork on negotiations, trade talks, free agency chatter, but Dombrowski will make the final decisions with significant input from Fuld. It’s a good working relationship between the two as one will probably focus more on the analytical side of things while the other is more of a scouting person. It’s the mix that the team should want.

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