Offseason Plan from a Newbie

I am still trying to figure out the buttons on this thing. I do like to read these posts as any conversation on the Phillies, good or bad, is welcome. I do not have the abilities like others to use graphs, other websites, AAV numbers or wins above replacement. I do like to think myself as the "gut feeling" guy, the "chess playing armchair manager" and the like. I would like to try coming up with a plan without benefit of advanced metrics. I do not have time to look all over the internet. I am in my 50's, limited to asking my daughters how to do things with my phone and on the laptop. I only have a love of the Phillies and the enjoyment of going to Clearwater every year for a game or two. As I said, I do enjoy reading everyone's posts and the comments that come with them. Here goes nothing. And, try not to be too harsh with rebuttals on my first go-around.

WHEELER is my Number 1. He will be the most consistent and dominant. If it weren't for the BP he would have been 8-1 with a much better showing in the Cy Young voting.

NOLA is #2. Eflin is 3. Number 4 should be an overpay on KLUBER or ODORIZZI get them here. Our number 5 would have to a Wheel of Fortune spin with wherever the needle stops on names of : VV, Howard, Medina,Suarez and any others in that same clearance sale bin.

Bullpen should have two youngster arms from each side, JoJo Romero and Brogdon to go with Hale, Neris, Blake Parker, Alvarez, and whoever is not starting at number 5. The last spot should be Overpaying for Brad Hand. I wanted him two years ago when dangled. Maybe he can get the likes of Freeman and Soto out in big spots.

Infield should consist of Hoskins, Segura, getting DIDI back here for two year deal. Nowhere can you find what Didi and Alec Bohm did last year, lead the league in hitting with RISP. We sorely need that on this team. Very badly.. OF is Harper, Haseley and McCutchen. It takes TWO years for ACL athletes to come full circle. With this group we will have multiple players who hit in the clutch: Bohm, Didi, McCutchen and, amazingly, Haseley, when he played. Sorry, Harper fans. I do not think he is a clutch hitter. Yes, we get to watch his game-winning hr here and there.Not enough to warrant superstar clutch hitter status.

Seeing the OVERPAY sign on the three positions above should tell you that JTR will not be here. Knapp and Marchan will have to do. Maybe add a cheap veteran to triple A for insurance.

I am really scared of our bench, much like a few years ago when NONE of them hit the Mendoza line. No one could hit a ball over the fence. Gosselin, and two others NOT named Quinn.] Kingery returns to super utility duty. That last spot needs to be someone who can actually hit a HR. I could use everyone's help on that one. Will Bruce be paid to return?

One question for all: What can and will we do with Odubel Herrera? Can he return in CF? Will he? If so, then he would be the best athlete out there. Haseley as extra outfielder.

Why not try to have that winning season and a chance at the playoffs? My opinion is to see what we have at the break. If it is not looking great but our OVERPAYS play fairly well then we could always restock the farm with trades for ALL of them. a KLUBER bounceback would be worth a lot to a contender. Hand as well. What do you all think?

**If the Phillies do trade Segura to free up money then the obvious move is for Kingery to go to 2b and sign another bench player. I would keep Segura until the break as mentioned earlier.