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Where to watch (and hear) the Phillies this spring

NBC Sports Philadelphia will carry 10 Spring Training games, with others on the radio and

MLB: Game Two-Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations! You survived another baseball offseason, and have arrived at the outset of Spring Training 2020. It wasn’t easy, but you made the trek. You are fully cleared to be excited about the first time you’ll be able to watch the Phils in action during camp.

But when will that be, exactly? And how many games will you be able to watch or hear? If you live in the greater Philly area, you’ll be able to turn to NBC Sports Philadelphia (and NBCSP+) on your TV and 94 WIP on the radio. If, like me, you live outside NBCSP’s broadcast area, you’ll have to rely on streaming services like, which will also provide broadcasts for Phils games that NBCSP/WIP aren’t covering. In some cases, which are noted below, will be providing an audio webcast.

Here’s a rundown of the current broadcast schedule, with expected coverage. We’ve filled in this grid to the best of our ability. Start planning your long lunch breaks now!

“NBCSP(+)” indicates coverage on both channels. In some cases, webcasts may not feature Franzke/L.A./Frandsen on the call. MLB Network simulcasts are indicated in the Opp. TV column.

Spring Broadcast Schedule

Date Time (ET) Home/Away Opponent Phillies TV Phillies Radio Opp. TV Opp. Radio
Date Time (ET) Home/Away Opponent Phillies TV Phillies Radio Opp. TV Opp. Radio
Sat. Feb. 22 1:05pm A Tigers 94 WIP WXYT
Sun. Feb. 23 1:05pm H Pirates (ss) NBCSP 94 WIP KDKA
Mon. Feb. 24 1:05pm H Orioles NBCSP(+) MLBN
Tue. Feb. 25 1:05pm A Pirates ATTSN
Tue. Feb. 25 1:05pm H Blue Jays NBCSP+
Wed. Feb. 26 1:05pm A Twins (ss) FSNO TIBN
Thu. Feb. 27 1:05pm A Red Sox
Fri. Feb. 28 1:05pm H Braves
Sat. Feb. 29 1:07pm A Blue Jays 94 WIP
Sun. Mar. 1 1:05pm H Orioles 94 WIP
Mon. Mar. 2 6:05pm A Braves 94 WIP WIFN
Tue. Mar. 3 OFF
Wed. Mar. 4 1:05pm H Pirates (ss) KDKA
Wed. Mar. 4 6:35pm A Yankees 94 WIP
Thu. Mar. 5 1:05pm H Blue Jays
Fri. Mar. 6 1:05pm A Tigers WXYT
Sat. Mar. 7 1:05pm H Red Sox NBCSP 94 WIP
Sun. Mar. 8 1:07pm A Blue Jays 94 WIP
Mon. Mar. 9 1:05pm H Yankees NBCSP+ MLBN
Tue. Mar. 10 1:05pm H Twins NBCSP+
Wed. Mar. 11 OFF
Thu. Mar. 12 1:05pm A Rays
Fri. Mar. 13 1:05pm H Tigers (ss)
Sat. Mar. 14 1:05pm A Yankees 94 WIP
Sun. Mar. 15 1:05pm H Pirates 94 WIP KDKA
Mon. Mar. 16 1:05pm A Orioles
Tue. Mar. 17 1:05pm A Pirates
Tue. Mar. 17 1:05pm H Blue Jays NBCSP+
Wed. Mar. 18 1:05pm H Rays NBCSP+
Thu. Mar. 19 1:05pm H Yankees NBCSP+
Fri. Mar. 20 6:07pm A Blue Jays 94 WIP
Sat. Mar. 21 1:05pm H Rays NBCSP 94 WIP MLBN
Sun. Mar. 22 1:05pm A Orioles 94 WIP
Mon. Mar. 23 1:05pm H Rays