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Phightin’ Words: 2/6/2020

It’s Truck Day Eve, but the baseball world is focused on Mookie Betts

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Even though the Mookie Betts deal isn’t quite complete, a couple things are clear: The Dodgers will have a great outfield, and despite claims to the contrary, baseball does have a salary cap.

Phillies News

Truck Day is Friday! And fans are invited to send it off in style.

If you were a big fan of bespectacled reliever J.D. Hammer, I have some bad news for you. He’s out, but a few others are in, including former Brewers reliever Anthony Swarzak.

MLB News

The Mookie Betts trade isn’t quite complete. There are some medical questions about Brusdar Graterol - one of the pieces the Red Sox are receiving in return for the star outfielder. The deal is still likely going to happen, but it may take a few more days to sort out.

Boston fans are understandably upset about the Betts trade. And you might not think that any writer would try to explain why losing a star is actually a good thing. Yet,’s Joon Lee gives it a try. And yes, “long-tem interests” are mentioned, which is a fancy way of saying “owners wanted to save money in the short-term.”

While they’re sad in Boston, in Los Angeles, the combo of Betts and Cody Bellinger gives the Dodgers two five-tool players in their outfield.

If you didn’t believe MLB’s luxury tax served as a salary cap, the Betts deal should remove all doubt. Even the rich teams are doing whatever they can to avoid paying the tax.

MLB Rumors

The remaining free agent market isn’t much to look at, but there are a few established buy-low starters out there. One name in particular is familiar for fans of the National League East.