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Build the best NL East lineup you can

But you’ve only got $24 to do so

Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

These are the types of tweets we can be expecting this year. With the likelihood that the season never really gets going growing larger by the day, baseball-related content is becoming very hard to dredge up.

So, MLB Radio has decided to let you build a lineup. Giving you tiers of players in the National League East, they’ve asked you to come up with your own lineup using only $24.

Enlarging it, you’ll see third base and the rest of the outfield. Some of these choices are pretty easy, some are pretty difficult. Do you sink money into your infield? Do you go for average or power? It’s an interesting exercise, but one I am up to the challenge for.

C - Jorge Alfaro ($2)

Sure, he strikes out a ton. Yes, yes, he’s got serious contact and patience issues. But starting off with a catcher who can throw runners out incredibly well, is an average pitch framer (with the ability to get better) and has a ton of power, Alfaro is a good value.

1B - Freddie Freeman ($5)

I’ll take Freeman’s elite all-around game: average, power and a great glove. Going with the potential of Hoskins here at $3 was tough, but I’d rather have a sure thing at first base whose defensive abilities can make everyone around him better.

2B - Scott Kingery ($2)

This one might be a little controversial, but I firmly believe that once Kingery has a set position, his offensive game will take a step forward. This adds another strikeout heavy bat to the lineup, but the potential that Kingery has here for the price is well worth it.

3B - Brian Anderson ($4)

This is wear the NL East begins to show how bad it is at several positions. If Anthony Rendon were here, this wouldn’t even be a question. He would be miles ahead of whoever came in second place. But with Rendon taking his talents to Anaheim, there isn’t much left over. Anderson gets the nod mostly because I have to pick someone! I could cheat at say Alec Bohm at $0, but....

SS - Didi Gregorius ($4)

I really wanted to fit Trea Turner here, but I just can’t do it and stay within budget. Gregorius seems like the boom or bust pick of the team. Either he’s going to go off in Philadelphia, or he’s going to show that he’s still recovering from his Tommy John surgery and isn’t the same player he once was.

LF - Corey Dickerson ($1)

I thought Dickerson was one of the more underrated players in Philadelphia last year. When he came over from Pittsburgh, he gave the team an offensive jolt that he carried.....until he got hurt. Every time one of these things comes out, there has to be a spot where one has to save money and this is going to have to be the spot.

CF - Ender Inciarte ($2)

This one is another spot that shows its soft underbelly. Brandon Nimmo is $4? Maybe by default he is, but he isn’t that good. Inciarte isn’t going to light up any scoreboards, but he’ll provide decent defense in center field and enough of a bat at the 8 spot in the lineup to justify his spot on this team.

RF - Bryce Harper ($4)

This is a steal and the easiest position to pick. Nothing more needs to be said.

So there you go. For $24, my lineup consists of:

Kingery 2B
Gregorius SS
Freeman 1B
Harper RF
Dickerson LF
Anderson 3B
Alfaro C
Inciarte CF

Not a bad lineup, but definitely one with weaknesses. Yes, there are four lefthanded hitters in a row, but Freeman can handle any pitcher, so that doesn’t bother me. If you wanted to flip-flop Anderson and Dickerson, that’s also fine with me.

What does your lineup look like? Click on the tweet above and make your lineup below.