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OOTPhight Historical Sim: The fourth month

Philadelphia Phillies vs Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Kirby Lee/Getty Images

Catch up on June’s results here.


John’s All-Burrell OF death squad is widening the gulf between it and second place, and sits atop the whole league by a game-and-a-half as August starts. The Central has the tightest race by far, with every team within 8 games of the division lead. The unfortunate news there is that the only two teams out of either the East or Central will be the top two; the wildcards are all but certain to come out of the marauding West, where fourth place would be leading the Central by 2 games.

Hitter of the Month: 2001 Bobby Abreu (David)

.398/.504/.888, 14 HR, 27 RBI

David’s ‘01 Abreu hit 11 homers the previous month, and when that wasn’t quite enough...well, here’s 14. It’s kinda wild that ‘01 Abreu and his .313/.395/.596 (.990) is only good enough for a 136 OPS+ in this insane anti-gravity chamber we call a sim world. For reference, Brad Miller’s real-life OPS last year was 135, but nearly 50 points lower in the raw (.941). These games must take seven hours to play.

Pitcher of the Month: 1996 Curt Schilling (AI)

9 GS, 47.1 IP, 79 K, 12 BB, 3.04 ERA

The AI team that took over this squad is doing some fancy things with the pitching staff. Not only did ‘96 Schilling start nine games in a single month, he also appeared as a reliever in three others. The walks and runs are relatively high compared to other pitchers-of-the-month, but Schilling being a strikeout monster no matter the seasons stays true.

League Leaders

Best Single-Game Performance (Hitter)

2009 Ryan Howard (Terry) on July 27

Ryan went 4-for-4 with 2 HR, 5 RBI, 3 R in a 6-4 win over Matt.

Best Single-Game Performance (Pitcher)

1998 Curt Schilling (Eric) on July 14

9 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 15 K in a 4-0 win over Dan.

You can view a full spreadsheet of player stats through July here.