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OOTP 4/22: Rangers 2, Phillies 1

Sometimes, a recap just isn’t worth it

San Francisco Giants v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

11 hits.

As in - 10 hits, plus one more.

Usually, this amount of hits leads to, I don’t know, 4 runs? 5? That isn’t too much to ask when you get 11 hits. Today though?

1 run.

Here’s your recap:

Bryce Harper homered.

Vince Velasquez got hurt.

The bullpen couldn’t hold it because they give up too many home runs.

The Phillies, somehow, got 11 hits, didn’t hit into a single double play....AND STILL ONLY SCORED ONE RUN.

Deolis Guerra bothers me.

That’s all. The Phillies are off Thursday.