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OOTP 4/25: Cubs 5, Phillies 3

A crushing day for the team

Philadelphia Phillies v Chicago Cubs Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

This one was more than just a loss to the Cubs. This one may have come at a price.

A very big price.

The two teams were cruising along, playing to a 3-3 tie into the bottom of the fifth. Adam Haseley had hit his 3rd home run of the year in the 3rd inning, while Kris Bryant and Ian Happ had homered against Zack Wheeler in the bottom half of the frame, knotting the game at the aforementioned score.

Then in the bottom of the fifth, in the final pitch of the inning, Wheeler grabbed his right elbow and sprinted off of the mound. He didn’t sit on the bench, he didn’t talk to the manager, he went right up the tunnel to the clubhouse, trainers running after him.

The Cubs managed to scratch across two more run to win the game, but after, all eyes and ears were on the manager in the visitor’s clubhouse, who spoke with trepidation and worry about the team’s prize offseason acquisition. While no guarantees were made and promises of MRI’s were discussed, you can already feel what the news will be.

Zack Wheeler is probably done for the season.

The Phillies will look to grab a series win tomorrow at Wrigley.