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OOTPhight Historical Sim: The second month

Still plenty of close races, even as some elite stat anomalies begin to take shape

Tampa Bay Rays v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Miles Kennedy/Philadelphia Phillies/Getty Images

Catch up on April’s results here.


Somehow, my squad’s emerged with the top record through May. I’d like to thank that’s due mostly to Ken Giles who, by OOTP WAR, has been my entire staff’s most valuable pitcher. My rotation is...not great. It’s just a one-game lead on preseason favorite Jay, who also holds a comfortable lead in run differential.

Only one third of the league is at or below .500, with Allie’s mermaids being a bit like fish out of water (get it?) when playing away from home and sitting a sliver back of Dan’s squad.

Hitter of the Month: 2003 Bobby Abreu (Matt)

.331/.445/.694, 11 HR, 26 RBI

Bobby may never make the real-life Hall of Fame, but at least this game’s engine realizes what he force he could be at the plate. Basically every version of him that was drafted has been hitting great.

Pitcher of the Month: 2011 Cliff Lee (Phrozen)

6 GS, 50.2 IP, 71 K, 9 BB, 2.31 ERA

Conjures up memories of Cliff’s August 2011 run where he went 5-0 with similarly dominant K/BB numbers (and only 2 runs allowed!).

League Leaders

Best Single-Game Performance (Hitter)

2004 Jim Thome (Matt) on May 24

Thome went 4-for-6 with 2 HR, 8 RBI, 3 R in a 19-12 win over Allie

Best Single-Game Performance (Pitcher)

1997 Curt Schilling (Jay) on May 31

9 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 1 B, 18 K in a 16-0 win over David

You can view a full spreadsheet of player stats through May here.