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Who were the best position players of 1980’s? You guessed it - more quizzes!

This one will be a little bit harder

Philadelphia Phillies

Yes, yes I know the last few quizzes weren’t exactly the easiest ones. Many of the readers here weren’t even alive in the 1970’s to even remember some of the deep cuts that showed up on those quizzes.

However, now we’re entering the time period where a lot of us were weaned on Phillies baseball - the 80’s. It was the greatest decade in Phillies history, but there are two World Series appearances in there, one of which they even managed to win. So, let’s take a nostalgic stroll around the decade and try to remember the best position players, by WAR, of the 1980’s. With this one, I stretched the number to the top 15 players by WAR, but there was a tie for 15th so that’s why there are 16 rows. You have 10 minutes, so move fast.

***As usual, please don’t post answers in the comments. Even blacking them out isn’t fair***