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Players reject owners’ proposal and offer harsh words about it

Baseball in 2020 is looking grim

90th MLB All-Star Game, presented by Mastercard Photo by Eve Kilsheimer/MLB Photos via Getty Images

By now you’ve heard about the most recent proposal from the owners that was made to the players in regard to getting the 2020 season underway with a new monetary system.

Seeing the numbers put into action like that makes the proposal look more like what it actually is: a union busting attempt on the part of the owners to try and pit the higher earning players against the lower earning players in an attempt to get the games in motion.

Based on history and the simple fact that the proposal wasn’t even that good, the player’s union predictably rejected the offer.

While the baseball world wondered what the exact reaction would be, late Wednesday night, Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer put into words exactly how the union is feeling.

While it may be hard to get on the player’s side here, it is understandable to see how they are frustrated. It is expected that they will put forth their own proposal at some point this week, so stay tuned on the latest developments in this dance in negotiations.