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There will be baseball in 2020....

....just not the way we wanted to get it

2018 BBWAA Awards Dinner

UPDATE: Monday, 6/15, 6:03 p.m.


Well, friends.

We’re going to have baseball this year. Unfortunately, we’re getting it because the owners are selfish money grubbers bent on either destroying the union and/or the sport, in that order.

Saturday afternoon, the union officially rejected the latest proposal from MLB and seemingly ended any further negotiations.

Stating that they want to know by Monday how many games will be required, it looks like the season, whatever dusty husk is left, will soon be underway.

Not to be outdone, the owners issued a statement of their own:

Ah yes, this “very difficult financial situation” that these poor owners are curr—

It’s an ugly end to this “negotiation”, but the small shred of light is that there will be baseball.