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The owners are a joke and they deserve everything that happens to them from here on out

If you’re still on the owner’s side, you may not like this

MLB: MAR 02 Spring Training - Bryce Harper Press Conference Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Just when we thought there would be baseball this year, the owners went and got their pants pulled down by the players. After the players ended the futile negotiation process, the owners suddenly were left in a lurch. Mere days after saying the season was “100%” happening, Rob Manfred said this:

So, let’s see if we can get this straight.

You danced and pranced and twiddled your thumbs, owners, for two months, haggling over money. Presenting proposals weekly that they knew were going to be rejected, they continued to delay and try and force the union to break. Rob Manfred even went on national TV, in front of tons of baseball fans during the draft, trying to win them back to their side by saying that baseball was coming back. The players called that bluff and forced the owners into coming up with a plan since they were done negotiating.

NOW - the owners don’t know what to do!

Whatever they do decide will ultimately go before a labor relations board once the union files their grievance for not negotiating in good faith and the owners feel less than certain they’ll come out on top. So then they pull out another one of their “stops”:

Now, they’re going to say that they were ready to play, it was the players who weren’t. The ones who were going to be mixing it up in confined spaces. The ones who were going to be in close contact with each other.


Listen, I like baseball. In fact, I love it. I always have and always will. Baseball will be fine. They’ve survived way worse than this.

But the owners deserve everything they have gotten, are getting now and will get in the future. They have steadily eroded their interest in winning baseball championships and increasingly worried about how much their profit will suffer. They are no longer interested in making the fans happy - they are interested in making their minority investors happy. They don’t care about us. They only want to make sure that they can get that extra addition built on their second home, their third car, their final payment on the new piece of real estate that will rake in more profit.

I am probably more conservative in my beliefs and core values than most of the baseball Twitterati. However, this just makes me sick. The owners deserve all the scorn and hatred being flung at them right now and in the future. I don’t worry about the game of baseball. Like I said, it’ll be just fine. But man does it feel horrible to be a fan right now.