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BREAKING: MLB and MLBPA are “nearing agreement” to start 2020 season

It’s about time...

Photo via NBCSports

Per Jon Heyman and other sources, the MLB and MLBPA are “close” to an agreement to begin the 2020 MLB Season.

REMEMBER: This is all alleged, and information obtained via National Reporters, not from MLB or the MLBPA themselves.

Here’s what we know thus far:

It all began, as it usually does, with a weird Jon Heyman tweet:

Apparently, Commissioner Rob Manfred, and the head of the MLBPA, Tony Clark, met in person in Arizona recently to discuss terms, as MLB Owners were worried that the players would file a back-breaking grievance.

And this baby’s got momentum:

We also found out that MLB had made a new proposal to the MLBPA based upon Manfred and Clark’s recent discussion:

That said, the deal ain’t done yet:

Here’s what the apparent proposal looks like:

We’ll keep you updated as we get more information...