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New season, new merchandise!

BreakingT has some new stuff to get you ready for the return of baseball

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Well, with 2020 turning into a pile of burning garbage, at least we can console each other in the fact that after what feels like forever - BASEBALL IS BACK!

Now, we all know that going to the stadiums this season is probably out of the question (pay no attention to what Florida is doing). So, what is the best way to support your team? How about purchasing some new swag from BreakingT. They’ve got a sweet new shirt that’s for sale involving your favorite right fielder and mine.

It’s not going to be the same this year. 60 games, the possibility that the World Series champion might have John Means as their ace and the spectre of COVID-19 hanging over the entire season means we won’t have the same baseball we’ve always come to expect. But at least you can look good from your couch with this and other merchandise from BreakingT. Click on the link above to get that and browse others that might pique your interest.