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Gamethread 7/14: Intrasquad scrimmage

Hey! We can watch live baseball tonight

Philadelphia Phillies Summer Workouts Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images


Did you know that tonight, you get to watch an actual Phillies game? Well, kind of a Phillies game.

For the first time this “summer camp”, we’ll get to watch our boys in red ply their trade against one another as they square off in a scrimmage. We won’t have to rely on far off videos from the press box (those we are thankful for those) or certain local reporters leaping out of a closet somewhere to get an up close video. We’ll get to hear and see with our own ears and eyes the red pinstripes in action.

If you’re wondering how to access the game action:

If you’re wondering if there will be commentary or if you’ll just have to make up your own:

So, sit back and enjoy the return of baseball....while it lasts.