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OOTP 7/5: Phillies 8, Mariners 4

How sweep it is.

Philadelphia Phillies v Washington Nationals Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Getting a sweep is always fun.

Getting a sweep when you’re about to board a plane to the next city makes that flight all the better. Zach Eflin had a good day, but it didn’t end well for him.

For the Phillies, the hitting stars of the game were the two men vying for playing time against each other. Rhys Hoskins had a big day, doubling and hitting a three-run home run in the fifth off of Justus Sheffield that gave him his ninth of the year and his 33rd RBI. Not to be upstaged, Jay Bruce hit his 28th home run and collected his 64th RBI on the season, providing the final clinching nail for the Phillies on the day.

It’s been one of the more interesting parts of this simulation. On one hand, Hoskins is clearly the future at first base and has been given every chance to hit his way out of the slump he has virtually been in. On the other hand, Bruce has been torrid this year, ranking fourth in baseball in home runs and tied for seventh in RBI. It’s not smart to sit that kind of bat in favor of the future of Hoskins, so manager Joe Girardi has ridden Bruce as far as he can. He’ll continue to play more over Hoskins, though these games in the American League parks gives both men the chance to get some plate appearances, something Hoskins desperately needs if he is to hit his way out of the slump.

Eflin was solid for the team, but in the postgame press conference, Girardi hinted that perhaps this was his last start in the rotation since he has been easily the weakest link of the group. With a minor league option left, he is also the easiest one to send down should the team acquire another starter.

Whispers were all over the place that that is exactly what has happened. The team has traded for a starter, though no hug watches were conducted in the dugout, so it had to have been minor leaguers moving. We’ll find out tomorrow what the scuttlebutt is.

The Phillies are off tomorrow and after that, they take on Houston. Hopefully, they left their garbage cans at home.