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The Phillies will play baseball on Monday

Papa’s got a brand new schedule

MLB: Exhibition-Philadelphia Phillies at New York Yankees Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

At long last, the Phillies are going to be playing some actual, real-life baseball next week. And what would be better for the Phillies, who haven’t played baseball against anyone in a week, than to have to play against perhaps the best team in the game!

Now, originally the Phillies were supposed to be playing down in Miami against the Marlins next week, but hahahahahahahahahaha.

That ain’t happening.

Now, they’ll make up their home-and-home series against the mighty Yankees. The Marlins, who again were supposed to be home in Miami to take on the Phillies, will turn that bus around and head to Baltimore and play the Orioles, making up the games they were supposed to play this past week. Will they have a complete roster in time? Who knows!

Back to the Phillies, it’ll be interesting to see how they line up their roster and pitching rotation. It’s safe to assume that Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler are going to be 1-2 to start, but will the service time manipulations being performed have worked, allowing Spencer Howard to come up in time to join the rotation? We’ll have to wait and see.

As we get more updates, we’ll let you know.