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Gamethread 8/14: Mets at Phillies

Let’s see what they can do against someone else

MLB: Game Two-Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Well, at least they’re not expected to do well anymore.

Perhaps it was the expectations against the Orioles. Maybe people looked past the decent start that Baltimore got off to that they forgot to adjust the idea that the Phillies would just roll right over the Orioles.

Now that they have shown how poorly they can actually play, maybe people won’t be expecting them to do much and they’ll be pleasantly surprised if/when they do do well.

Maybe I’m talking out of my rear end.

Tonight the Phillies send out their young ace-in-training:

The Mets were supposed to counter with Jacob deGrom, but was a last minute scratch.

The team really needs a win tonight.

No pressure, kid.