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Gamethread 8/3: Phillies at Yankees

At long last, baseball!

MLB: Exhibition-Philadelphia Phillies at New York Yankees Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Hey you! How ya been?

Good, good. Did you hear the news? Yeah, this group of guys we know and love are getting together tonight to play this thing called “base ball”. It’s a game that was played long ago, back when people who also played the sport all understood the protocols for being able to play and rigidly followed them rather than risk their own health and safety, not to mention the health and safety of those they would come in contact with, by going out in public settings without the proper mandates in place.

Yes, the Phillies kick off their season yet again by taking on what looks like the best offense in the game in the Yankees, one that is clicking on all cylinders. Topping that off with getting to face perhaps the best pitcher in the game just feels like icing on the cake. Here are the lineups for the game.

For the Phillies:

Jake Arrieta makes his 2020 debut, much later than he would have liked to. For the Yankees:

Man, that is a lineup of destruction. Luckily Aaron Judge isn’t hitting that wel—


These two teams will lock up, God willing, for the next few days, so let’s all sit back and enjoy while we can.