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Gamethread 9/10: Phillies at Marlins

This series should go a long way in deciding the second playoff participant from the NL East

Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Continuing with their hellacious schedule that the league has bestowed on them, the Phillies head down to Florida for a seven, yes - SEVEN, game series against the Marlins. The team’s baseball equivalent of kryptonite is awaiting them and with both teams in the hunt for a playoff spot, this series should help determine who will end up with one of the two assured positions that will come out of the NL East. There will still be time for one of the Mets or Nationals to make some noise, but the way they are playing, that noise might be mostly muted.

The bullpens will be taxed this series, which doesn’t bode well for either. The Phillies’ bullpen, well, we all know about. The Marlins just got waxed by the Braves, 29-9, but they most of that damage was limited to only two pitchers. We’ll just have to wait an see how it goes.

For the Phillies:

For the Marlins: