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The Offseason: 1/11/2021

Division rivals improving themselves isn’t fun

Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It’s never fun when the teams you’re competing against for the division crown improve themselves. It’s even less fun as the team you root for, in this case the Phillies, makes moves that don’t really make too much sense.

As the Nationals move to add to their lineup, the Phillies rolled the dice yet again on a reliever, hoping to come up with a winning combination. It seems like the early offseason indicators of poverty are coming to fruition, but it could also be that the because they haven’t done a whole lot of big moves, anything small that the Phillies do will be amplified, doubly so when the teams around them are making splashier moves. I’d still caution you that there is still lots of time for the Phillies to make those bigger moves, that until the offseason is fully over, they still can stack up with the other teams in their division.

It’s just getting harder and harder on them.

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