Shadows of 93

For those of you who enjoyed the 1993 season more than any other (some think even better than 1980 or 2008) I tender this thought: Is 2021 quietly shaping into a replay? I ask this question because there was nothing more obvious in that wonderful year of Danny Jackson destroying a jersey than Good LUCK. In baseball, it comes in many forms. Examples? Ohh, I can think of a batted ball just skimming a third base bag to keep it fair; a Milt Thompson wall climb vs San Diego to pull back a grand slam; Morandini snaring a line drive up the middle for a double play in a bases loaded no out 9th inning jam Mitch Williams had to wriggle out of. I am observing a few things at the off-season level that appear to be falling in the luck category.

The biggest of all is the likely return of JTR. His suitors have been slowly falling like dominoes in our favor. I counted this scenario out on New Year's day because of Middleton's need to count ketchup packets at CBP on top of firing scouts and cutting staff. Literally, the only way for JTR to return, accepting much less in pay is what has occurred to this point. Also, in signing Bradley we have another "character" who has wasted no time in endearing himself to the fans. That beard goes well with this roster. An Oklahoma battery to finish off tight games? The front office spent little in shoring up a bullpen. But, I, for one, believe the BP can turn into a capable bunch quickly. That IS how baseball goes. From having no hope for the 2021 season I have found it in my Phillies heart to think that we may not be in the basement of the NL East just as predicted in 1993. With renewed enthusiasm I think Dombrowski has lit some kind of fire in ownership to spend a little more than first thought. Because we hear nothing but JTR AND DIDI returning. I am firmly in the DIDI camp. I am all about clutch hitting. Think playoff time. Didi and Alec Bohm were league-leaders in RISP hitting. The Front office is waiting out the market. It seems to be working. LUCK? I don't know. I do know that they are not done buying. A starting pitcher? Why not? Odubel is a reclamation project who I thought Middleton would certainly entertain since he is paying him a la Klentak. If he can play anywhere near his earlier abilities with a contrite heart then the Phils may have solved the CF spot for this year. It may be in the cards for 2021. While the characters in the clubhouse will most definitely be different I am feeling more upbeat since things are starting to fall our way, kicking up chalk down the line when we need it. The Mets being the Mets had to fire someone they just hired last month. The Braves were strong in 93, expected to win the division, just like this year. I ask for others' comments, AND any great moments of good LUCK. We can reminisce such a fun year right here while waiting on the Phillies next move. Let's hear your favorite memory of that year? I will expect something involving KRUK.