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Gamethread 10/1: Phillies at Marlins

I am angry

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Miami Marlins Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

This lineup is really something.

The Phillies are not going to the playoffs, having been officially eliminated last night and put out of their misery. Therefore, tonight is the perfect opportunity to rest some players that have been banged up and to put some young players in to give them a bit of playing time.

Instead, the fanbase is slapped with this lineup.

List for me the reasons that Matt Vierling and Alec Bohm, two players that might have significant roles on the 2022 team, are not playing. What purpose does playing Travis Jankowski or Freddy Galvis or even Ronald Torreyes serve? This is nothing more than managerial malpractice as Joe Girardi continues to cling to his ideas of “veterans over rookies” as a preferred way of creating a lineup. It is stunning that this is being allowed.

For the Marlins:

Let’s talk about it together. Only two more after this...