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Rise and Phight: 10/13/2021

Lousy Astros.

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Colorado Rockies v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

The Astros won their division series and will face the Red Sox for the right to go to the World Series for the American League. During the series, the Astros were accused (?) of maybe going back to the well of sign stealing. They emphatically denied it, but it’s because of their cheating scandal a few years ago that it is even in the public discussion.

Justin Klugh discussed this on the latest episode of Hittin’ Season where he correctly pointed out that because there was no punishment of players except in the court of public opinion, the current players will always have that stigma around them. Fans will always assume that they are cheating, especially when there are some funky numbers that come out like the strikeout differences for the Astros between home and away this past series.

Maybe we should get over it, maybe not. Either way, it is still going to be up for discussion so long as the Astros are winning games.

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