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Bryce Harper was good this year. How good?

Let’s take a quiz to find out

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Philadelphia Phillies John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Bryce Harper was good this year.

Correction: Bryce Harper was VERY good this year.

His case for MVP has been stated ad nauseum by us and other on the interwebs, so there’s no real reason to state it again. At this point, it’d be an upset if he wasn’t named the MVP of the National League, but who knows how people will vote. Not making the playoffs will be held against him, but we cannot control those people’s minds.

What we can do is marvel at the offensive force he was in 2021. How good was he?

His season of getting at least 100 runs scored (101), 100 walks (100 even), 30 doubles (42), 30 home runs (35) and 80 RBI (84) is one of only 20 times to be done in the last 30 years. Of those twenty times that much production has been accomplished, there have been only ten players to do it, so ten players accounted for the twenty times done. I know, I’m confused as well.

Do you think you know who it was?

Take this quiz to figure out who, in the past thirty years, have been the players to post these kinds of numbers over a full season and continue to marvel at what Harper accomplished.