Boopadoop's 2021-2022 Phillies Offseason

A 2022 Phillies off-season plan


$195 million


Nontendered – Jankowski, Knapp, Torreyes, Quinn


· Zach Eflin – $6.0MM

· Jose Alvarado – $1.9MM

· Rhys Hoskins – $7.6MM

· Seranthony Dominguez – $800K

· Andrew McCutchen - ($3 million buyout)

· Odubel Herrera - ($2.5 million buyout)

FA Targets

CF – Starling Marte (2/ 30mil)

CL – Corey Knebel (2/ 14mil)

SP – Eduardo Rodriguez (1/ 10mil)

RP – Hector Neris (1/ 5.5mil)

RP – Jose Alvarez (1/2mil)

IF – Freddy Galvis (1/2mil)


Andrew Painter, Nick Maton, Adam Haseley to Cleveland Guardians for Franmil Reyes

Budget Breakdown

SP1: Wheeler (23.6M)

SP2: Nola (15.5M)

SP3: Rodriguez (10M)

SP4: Suarez (563,500K)

SP5: Gibson (7M)

LR: Medina (563,500K)

LR: Falter (563,500K)

RP: Dominguez (800K)

RP: Brogdon (563,500K)

RP: Coonrod (563,500K)

RP: Neris (7M)

RP: Alvarez (2M)

CL: Knebel (7M)

C: Realmuto (23.8M)

1B: Hoskins (7.6M)

2B: Segura (14.25M)

SS: Gregorius (14M)

3B: Bohm (563,500K)

LF: Reyes (800K)

CF: Marte (15M)

RF: Harper (25M)

Bench: C Marchan (563,500K)

Bench: IF Galvis (2M)

Bench: SS Stott (563,500K)

Bench: OF Veirling (563,500K)

Bench: OF Moniak (563,500K)


- Zach Eflin (6M) is a notable injury going into the season so I don’t have him reflected in the 26-Man roster here. Upon return, I would work him up as a LR in the pen, and eventually back into the rotation. Alternatively, Stretching him out in AAA and then bringing him back more conventionally is fine, too. My thinking here is that he’s an injury-prone guy who has the stuff but if I’m being honest with myself he just cannot pitch this many innings a year. I figure he’d sub out Gibson in the rotation at some point and then maybe Gibson bumps one of these weak long-men back to AAA.

- Scott Kingery (4M) is a significant enough cap-hit that he should be included somewhere, and because I don’t see him getting back to the majors, I’m dumping his contract here.

The Sauce

I’m going to say this at the very top: I absolutely hate putting Gregorius back in this roster, but if you think the worst SS in MLB with a 14M contract is getting traded, you are outside of your mind. My hope (oof) is that he regresses back to his mean and plays better next season. Then I’d trade him as soon as I can. Give Stott reps as often as possible if he still shows promise coming out of 2021 Fall League, and then at least Gregorius maybe gives you a veteran bench presence. His contract is an albatross around our necks and we’ve got to deal with that for now.

I like the Starling Marte trade because I feel like he takes care of several problems. On defense, we’ll find ourselves with a reliable CF and on offense, we take care of our lead-off problem. And while I would’ve preferred to take Castellanos in LF, we just cannot afford him. So after a little searching I found a younger OF/DH from Cleveland in Franmil Reyes. Admittedly, what baseball knowledge I have is almost entirely Phillies-based, and I’m a novice at that. So I have no idea if he is their biggest piece moving forward (and therefore untradeable) or if the value I’ve proposed in the trade is anything near realistic. But he is cheap and an upgrade from McCutchen on offense and defense.

A few of the smaller moves include Phillies veteran Freddy Galvis who, again, is solid defensively as insurance over Bohm and doesn’t come at too high a premium. Knebel has proven himself a venerable RP and could be the anchor this bullpen needs. I bring back Jose Alvarez who had a good season out in SF, and I also bring back Hector Neris who I think earned a spot as a middle reliever.

Finally, I’d go for Eduardo Rodriguez out of BOS. His stat line is pretty similar to Aaron Nola’s, and I’d wager either one of them is a good candidate at this point for providing stability to the middle of the order. He also has the benefit of being left-handed, which may be of use to Joe Girardi’s planning.

Ultimately, this team is priced out of their best options. We can either 100% fix one issue or continue to build back stronger for the myriad issues this roster faces. I have made in some instances sub-ideal choices (looking at you, Didi) in order to lock down what I believe to be the most fixable issues this team has. Rotation depth, back of the bullpen stability, lead-off/center-field stability, and really trying not to give up too many prospects in trades as we’re already thin in the farm system.

As a final caveat, I pulled these contract numbers from several different sources, so I apologize in advance if my math is off:

Total Due in Salary 2022: $194.985 Million