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Local writers pick Stott as their top Phillies prospect

An interesting poll from some of the people that know this system best

Mesa Solar Sox v. Scottsdale Scorpions Photo by Norm Hall/MLB Photos via Getty Images

For a while, Mike Drago of the Reading Eagles would ask some of the local people that followed the Phillies’ minor league system what their own personal top ten list would be. This year, friend of site Mitch Rupert was kind enough to poll 18 of the same people, getting their thoughts on who they think is the top prospect. The results of that poll are here:

1. Bryson Stott (8 first-place votes)
2. Mick Abel (10 first-place votes)
3. Andrew Painter
4. Johan Rojas
5. Logan O’Hoppe
6. Francisco Morales
7. Hans Crouse
8. Erik Miller
9. Matt Vierling
10. Jhailyn Ortiz
11. Ethan Wilson
12. Luis Garcia
13. Mickey Moniak
14. Simon Muzziotti
15. Yhoswar Garcia
16. Griff McGarry
17. Casey Martin
18. Rickardo Perez
19. Jordan Viars
20. Jamari Baylor
21. JoJo Romero
22. Christopher Sanchez
23. Adonis Medina
24. Cristian Hernandez
25. Micah Ottenbreit

Having Bryson Stott come out on top is a little surprising, but maybe it shouldn’t be. Stott has had an outstanding year and seems poised to join the team in 2022 at some point while Abel, the other player to gather top votes, is further away and was injured this season. Mitch was also kind enough to include some notes about the voting process. I’ll include several that I found interesting.

  • Johan Rojas, Andrew Painter and JoJo Romero each received a second-place vote
  • Bryson Stott was ranked first or second on 17 of 18 ballots
  • Mick Abel was ranked first or second on 16 of 18 ballots
  • Only Bryson Stott, Mick Abel, Andrew Painter, Johan Rojas and Logan O’Hoppe appeared on all 18 ballots
  • Francisco Morales, Hans Crouse, Erik Miller, Matt Vierling, Jhailyn Ortiz, Ethan Wilson and Mickey Moniak appeared on 17 of the 18 ballots
  • The biggest discrepancy in voting was for JoJo Romero, who twice appeared in the Top 5, but was left off of 13 ballots.
  • Jean Cabrera, who won the Paul Owens Award as the system’s top pitcher, appeared on only three ballots, coming in as high as 15th.

While we’ve heard from some of our own people about how the system seems to be in a down cycle right now, there are some interesting names at the top of this list, as well as some possibilities for breakouts later on. My own personal list looks like this:

Mick Abel
Bryson Stott
Johan Rojas
Andrew Painter
Hans Crouse
Francisco Morales
Ethan Wilson
Matt Vierling
Logan O’Hoppe
Luis Garcia
Erik Miller
Simon Muzziotti
Yhoswar Garcia
Mickey Moniak
Jamari Baylor
Griff McGarry
Casey Martin
Adonis Medina
Jojo Romero
Rickardo Perez

I’m not skilled in the arts of prospecting, but I like who I like. Many thanks go out to Mitch Rupert for doing this.